What does JCS do…

The role of JCS is to offer schools worldwide, UK Further Education Colleges and UK Public Library Authorities a central place to find a choice of high-quality digital resources suitable for their users and at an affordable price.

How long have has JCS been representing publishers?

We have been acting on behalf of academic publishers of digital resources for more than ten years. Consequently we have considerable knowledge and experience of the sectors we serve. Plus a large database of key contacts.

Our current publishers

We currently represent 10 different academic publishers from large Internationals to small start-ups. For several publishers we have multiple product agreements in place, including…

Why do publishers work with JCS?

Publishers seek JCS out because we provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to their sales and marketing needs. Our sector knowledge and bespoke online subscription service and CRM make JCS an attractive partner.

To find out more or to discuss ways JCS can help please email info@jcsonlineresources.org or phone +44(0) 1865 987211.

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