Kayti Selbie is the librarian at the English College in Prague and recently subscribed to an extensive selection of online resources through JCS which include:

  • JSTOR Secondary Schools Collection
  • Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers
  • A large selection of reference databases from Infobase:  Middle-High School eBook Collection, World Cinema Collection, Ancient & Medieval History, Bloom’s Literature, Issues and Controversies in History, Modern World History, Today’s Science, World Geography & Culture, World News Digest, Science Online, and Source Reference.

After contacting JCS in January 2021, Kayti worked with Rupert Brice, our Senior Account Executive for Europe, to identify the best resources to suit their needs. After taking a free trial to review them all and get feedback from the teaching staff, Kayti submitted her budget request to their Finance Committee and was delighted to get approval for the whole spend in May.

We interviewed Kayti to find out what led her to invest in so many online resources and the benefits they envisage:

Why did you decide to subscribe to the selection of resources you subscribed to?

We want to ensure that our students have access to a wide range of reputable sources that are easy for students to navigate independently.  We also need to ensure that the material available goes into sufficient depth for our IB Diploma students.  We hope that Infobase will provide a good starting place for our youngest students and that the JSTOR Secondary Schools Collection will build upon the skills developed by using this collection and will provide content that is appropriate for their level of study.

What do you think the benefits for your students will be?

Easy to use platforms which help to develop their research skills.  I’m impressed by the way (Credo) Source Reference links with other databases that are subscribed to, providing a one search option for students. Both Infobase and JSTOR Secondary Schools Collection provide materials to support students in their research journey.

What do you think the benefits for your staff will be?

We will be using two platforms which they will be able to become familiar with.  It is also possible to link Infobase with both Google Classroom and with our library interface (Follett Destiny) which means students can search directly from the library interface.

Is there a reason you decided to subscribe to so many at the same time?

I feel this will provide the best coverage for all our students for their initial research projects right the way through to the complete of their Extended Essays.

Why do you think offering students an extensive range of e-resources is so important?

Despite being encouraged to use print resources, realistically students head first to the internet.  By providing a range of reliable sources, we are helping students engage with appropriate material. It is also important that students are able access materials 24/7.

If you would like to request a free trial to any of the resources mentioned you can do so by completing this short form, and learn more by exploring the JCS catalogue.

Visit The English College in Prague website here.