Ann Virgo, the Library Manager at Brighton, Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College has subscribed to the video lecture resource MASSOLIT for over three years. The College currently takes 3 of the 4 Collections: English Literature, History, and Classics. We recently interviewed Ann to find out how the video lectures are used by teachers and students and the academic benefits the lectures have brought.

How are the MASSOLIT videos used at your school?

We use MASSOLIT videos in lessons and set them for homework. In both formats they provide a way in to discussing academics ideas, and are excellent for getting students thinking and discussing. For homework we set them regularly throughout the year, and often then play part in class to start a discussion of debate of their ideas.

What have been the main benefits to students of using MASSOLIT?

The new linear A level courses require students to understand and be able to access the ideas of academics. MASSOLIT allows students to gain an insight into academic thinking in a truly approachable way.

Can you give an example of a set of students that particularly benefitted from MASSOLIT?

Getting lower ability students to interact with secondary reading was always a huge challenge. MASSOLIT allows them to get to grips with higher level thinking in a manageable way. I have seen lower ability students confidently using academic ideas in their essays in a much more developed way than they would have done before using MASSOLIT.

What have been the main benefits to teachers of using MASSOLIT?

The main benefits are:

  • Knowing that there is a reliable bank of secondary information on topics we cover.
  • You can always be confident that students will be able to access high quality material, there is no such thing as a bad MASSOLIT!
  • They enable lower grade students to access and understand complex material.
  • Higher ability students are able to gain a much wider range of ideas than they could simply from reading books.

How does the school ensure it gets the best value out of MASSOLIT?

Students need more than just to be told about MASSOLIT. Start from week 1 with your new students. Embed links on your VLE or using Microsoft Teams.

Do you think MASSOLIT represents good value for money?

Yes, penny for penny, this is the best resource we pay for on an annual basis. It is also such an effective teaching tool for our subjects. New resources are being constantly added.

What sets MASSOLIT apart from other e-resources? What do MASSOLIT videos provide that other resources don’t?

Quality, constant reliability, and accessibility.

What would you say to other schools that are thinking about giving MASSOLIT a go?

This is the best new resource we have used with students in the last five years. Give it a try!

Explore the excellent content in MASSOLIT for yourself with a free 14-day trial. Request a trial here