The JSTOR Secondary Schools Collection was born from the belief that access to the very best resources is crucial to developing and empowering tomorrow’s great thinkers.

JSTOR is a digital library for the intellectually curious. Respected and used by thousands of institutions worldwide, JSTOR is a leading academic digital resource. The platform supports teaching and learning through providing users with access to millions of journal articles, book chapters, images, and primary sources across a wealth of subjects and topics.

The JSTOR Secondary Schools Collection is an affordable, high-quality research database for secondary schools. It contains the majority of JSTOR’s journal content along with access to four primary source databases. There’s also an accompanying suite of powerful research tools to help build students’ research skills and confidence.

Research support from beginning to end

While undertaking EPQs, Extended Essays and other research projects and essays, students can utilise JSTOR to access peer-reviewed, trusted content from over 2,600 archival journals and books. With powerful search engine technology built into the platform and the fantastic JSTOR Understanding Series, the most relevant content is easily searchable, ensuring a straightforward user journey as students dive into their chosen topic. Students can also collate all their selected sources in their very own virtual Workspace.

Research tools and functions

Dynamic research tools are in place for students to confidently embark on their research journey. To get started, students can access JSTOR’s self-directed ‘Research Basics’ course, designed to strengthen their research ability. They are then continuously supported by the platform by making use of tools such as the ‘Cite This Item’ function, which generates a preformatted citation for their selected article/book chapter. There’s also the very useful ‘Text Analyzer’ function, to which students can submit their own paper. It then maps the work against the most relevant sources.

A smooth transition to university

The collection provides your students with access to the same content they’ll encounter at university. Accessing the collection ahead of their higher education studies allows them to familiarise themselves with the database,  hone necessary research skills, and increase their confidence and capability as they embark on this exciting new chapter.

So, what are you waiting for? Request a free trial to the JSTOR Secondary Schools Collection or contact us at or +(0) 1865 987211 to find out more, or to request a price quote.