15 Librarians from 15 Schools in the East Midlands attended a free networking event at Uppingham School in March 2016.

Organised by JCS Online Resources in partnership with Sue Wray, Director of Libraries and Learning Resources at Uppingham School (pictured right with JCS’ Katie Welsh), the event was a resounding success.

“It really was an excellent afternoon”, “lots of ideas for information literacy lessons”, and “it has really strengthened my business case” were just some of the lovely comments on evaluation forms (see more feedback).

Sue Wray says: “It was a great pleasure to welcome School Librarians from across the East Midlands to Uppingham School in March 2016 for a networking event organised in association with JCS Online Resources.

We shared information about using online resources to encourage information literacy, qualitative and critical research skills, and to expand the accessibility of the Library collection beyond the walls of the building.

I also stressed how important it is for School Librarians to group together to get the consortium prices for online resources that JCS has negotiated on our behalf. That way, we can demonstrate value for money to our key stakeholders and senior managers.

Feedback from many of those who came along thought this was an important and really useful way to meet other School Librarians in our region, beyond the usual meetings organised by our professional groups.”

Katie Welsh, JCS Senior Account Executive for Schools, says:”Thanks so much to Sue Wray and Uppingham School for hosting our first networking event for school librarians.

It was a fantastic opportunity for School Librarians in the East Midlands to come together and share ideas and experience, and it was really great to meet everyone!

There was a lot of discussion about issues faced by librarians on a daily basis, and how to overcome them – for example libraries taking the lead in implementing information literacy programmes. We were also able to explain JCS’ specially negotiated regional discount scheme for e-resources, and how it can make limited library budgets go a lot further.

I can’t wait for the next networking event for School Librarians in the North East and Yorkshire which will be hosted by David Young Community Academy, and I’m sure it will be just as useful and enjoyable as the Uppingham School event.”

Would you be interested in hosting a regional networking event at your school? If so, we’d love to hear from you by phone on 01865 987211 or email.


Did you enjoy the afternoon/find it useful?

  • “It really was an excellent afternoon.”
  • “Very much so and, yes, absolutely useful.”
  • “Enjoyed meeting other librarians and finding out about available e-resources.”
  • “Thoroughly, on both counts.”
  • “Yes, good overview”.

What did you like?

  • “Listening to Sue Wray and the team from Oakham.”
  • “Very interesting to hear Sue talk through what they do at Uppingham School”
  • “Talking to others who already have online resources.”
  • “Very useful pricing info.”
  • “Range of resources on offer.”
  • “Trialling the e-resources.”

Do you feel you can make changes as a result?

  • “Yes, lots of ideas for information literacy lessons.”
  • “Would love to incorporate e-resources, will pass info to heads of departments.”
  • “I’m hopeful. It has certainly strengthened my business case.”


A free networking event for school librarians in the North East and Yorkshire will take place on Thursday 19 May at David Young Community Academy, Seacroft, Leeds. Register now here.


If you would be interested in hosting a future networking event for school librarians in your region, we’d love to hear from you by phone on 01865 987211 or email.