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eChalk is an interactive collection of hands-on activities, games, animations, simulations and quizzes. Already used by thousands of teachers, eChalk’s resources are proven to engage learners and motivate them to learn.

Designed by subject experts with first-hand experience of classroom teaching, the resources are intuitive and easy to use. Activities are modular, fitting in with existing lesson plans and resources. Many are accompanied by student worksheets.

Content includes over 1,000 resources, with hundreds more added each year:

  • Simulations
  • educational games
  • interactive models
  • open-ended teaching tools
  • investigations and puzzles
  • visual databases
  • revision exercises
  • five-minute starters and plenaries
  • class discussion tools
  • quizzes and tests
  • animations

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You can also find out more about eChalk activities on their YouTube channel.

"My Numeracy and Literacy lessons would not be the same without a bit of eChalk fun interactive games." John Bonner, Barton Seagrave Primary School, Kettering

"I am very impressed with eChalk. I use lots of software in my Physics teaching and eChalk is certainly one of my favourites. The simulations and animations are so clear, and fun too, they really help the pupils learn, especially the more difficult concepts. I think this is a superb website with clear and interesting animations that really engage the pupils." Ben Porter, Head of Physics, Maricourt Catholic High School

Relevance to the curriculum

eChalk is suitable for teaching across Key Stages 1 to 4. At secondary level, there are curriculum-mapped resources for Maths, Science, English Language and Literature, MFL, PE, History and Music. Primary level resources cover Numeracy, Literacy, Science and Music.

Support for teachers

eChalk's raison d'etre is to provide tools that help teachers explain ideas and make classroom learning interesting. Applications are ideal for use with data projectors and fully exploit the touch-sensitivity of interactive whiteboards. Many activities are particularly appropriate for whole-class teaching where the teacher wishes to engage the entire group. Mobile apps are also available for iPad, Kindle and Android devices.

All of eChalk's resources are authored by subject experts with first-hand experience of classroom teaching. The activities are intuitive and easy to use and they all come with guidance on how to employ them in the classroom. Many are accompanied by printable worksheets to complement the interactive content.

  • Examples of resources for both primary and secondary teachers can be previewed here.
  • Examples of resources for primary teachers can be previewed here.
  • Download the quick start guide for eChalk.