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A great resource for historical research which includes access to the 1939 Register

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Available to UK Higher Education Institutions through JCS, and also to UK Public Libraries and Schools worldwide.

"Our students enjoy having access to Findmypast. They can access it from home as well as on-campus and are using it for their essays and dissertations which is great.”  Dr Amanda Wilkinson, Research Fellow in Digital Humanities, University of Essex

Findmypast is a searchable online archive of over 4 billion records from across the globe - everything from parish and school records to censuses and from migration records to military collections - which now also includes access to the 1939 Register for the first time.

About the 1939 Register...

The 1939 Register is one of the most important British documents of the 20th century. It is the only surviving overview of the civil population of England and Wales spanning the period 1921-1951 because the 1931 census was destroyed during an air raid on London, and the 1941 census was never taken.

Consisting of 7,000 volumes containing over 1,200,000 pages, the 1939 Register lists the names, addresses, marital statuses, occupations and more of over 41 million people in Great Britain and Northern Ireland on National Registration Day on 29th September 1939.

Find out more about the 1939 Register and how to get started...

  • Read about the making of the online 1939 Register here, and watch a fascinating video on YouTube here.
  • A step-by-step video guide about how to get started is available on YouTube here, and find out how to get the most out of searching here.
  • A range of useful supplementary videos on different aspects of the 1939 Register is available in the Findmypast video library.

Highlights from Findmypast collections include...

  • Access to the 1939 Register (more information)
  • The addition of 10 million records from Irish Catholic Parish Registers means that Findmypast now offers the largest collection of Irish records available online (more information)
  • Major collections from Britain, Ireland, Australia, and the United States
  • Birth, marriage and death records – all accessible with just one easy search
  • Census records - the most comprehensive collection available online
  • Parish records – the largest collection of parish records available online
  • Military – the most comprehensive WW1 collection available online, including medal index cards and service records for the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force
  • Exclusive! School records - in the first of three scheduled releases, 2.5 million names in admission registers and log-books have been made available
  • Exclusive! India Office collection – 2.5 million names from the British Library’s India Office collection covering the period 1600-1947

Subscribe to Findmypast and enable your staff and students to...

  • Search and browse all records in full
  • Access newly added records immediately they are made available
  • Create a personal account
  • Create their own family tree
  • Access saved materials, including family trees, from outside the institutional network
  • Benefit from advanced search tools - for example, attaching records to family trees
  • Access tutorials on how to get the most out of Findmypast

Two subscription options both offering great value...

  • Higher education institutions can choose to subscribe to the full Findmypast (including all collections from around the world), or to Findmypast's British records only.
  • For both options, there is no limit on the number of staff and students who can use the resource at the same time and, once users have set up a personal account, they can also access saved materials (including their family tree) from outside the institutional network.