Decorative image of the Credo Source homepage on a computer monitor. The background behind the monitor is different academic publisher logos.

What is Credo Source?

Infobase’s Credo Source a is leading reference platform for springboarding  research and building information literacy. Housing millions of pieces of reference content from top academic publishers, such as Cambridge University Press, Elsevier and Routledge, it’s the perfect place for students to start any research project.

It also seamlessly integrates with your library’s other digital resources, with federated search results and the ability to embed the platform into your VLE or LMS.

Key feature: Research skill lessons

Credo Source doesn’t just simplify research; it guides you through building your research skills and easily integrating information literacy into the curriculum. Over 100 minutes of video e-learning content is available across more than 40 lesson topics, from  ‘Inquiry’ and ‘Searching With Keywords’ through to ‘Academic Integrity’ and ‘Making a Logical Argument’, helping students gain the confidence and expertise they need.

What’s more, each instructional video comes with an interactive transcript player, closed captioning tools, embedding features, and playback speed options, meaning that you can follow along in the way that suits best.