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Get ready to explore theatre traditions from around the world with the Drama Online Video Collection!

We are thrilled to offer a bundle subscription to six exciting new video collections on Drama Online. This suite of collections offers your students a well-rounded global perspective of theatre, and practical insight from leading industry figures, ultimately enhancing theatre teaching and learning in your school.

The collections included in the Drama Online Video Collection bundle are as follows:

Shakespeare Video Collection

Featuring behind-the-scenes videos, candid interviews with Shakespeare actors and directors, as well as controversial adaptations of Shakespeare, the Shakespeare Video Collection is a great resource for students and teachers.

In addition to rare footage illustrating the Globe’s role as an institution of British theatre, critical commentaries are also included in the collection, designed to demystify and illuminate Shakespeare’s most challenging plays.

The collection includes the captivating documentary Muse of Fire, filmed adaptations of Hamlet and Macbeth, Deborah Warner’s controversial adaptation of Richard II, and much more.

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Playwrights and Practitioners Video Collection

Combining rare rehearsal footage and interviews with documentaries, the Playwrights and Practitioners video collection is an essential resource for students. You’ll hear from Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, and gain exclusive insight into the creative processes of industry giants.

The collection includes Harry Burton’s Working With Pinter, the behind-the-scenes documentary Making War Horse, interviews with esteemed actors and directors such as Peter Brook and Ryszard, and much more.

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Theatre Making and Performance Training Video Collection

The Theatre Making and Performance Training Video Collection guides students through the art of auditioning, vocal training and stage combat through a selection of masterclasses from industry experts, in-depth documentaries, and actor interviews offering candid advice.

Also available is a selection of informative ‘How To’ resources, making this an essential collection for those passionate about the design elements of theatre (such as make-up artistry, set design, theatre safety, and lighting).

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British, American and Australian Theatre Video Collection

Providing an invaluable resource for the study of British, American, and Australian theatre, this video collection focuses on contemporary avant-garde troupes such as The Sydney Front.

A rich array of biopics, interviews, workshops, and filmed performances provide a unique multi-media insight into the traditions and adaptations of British, American, and Australian theatre over the past fifty years, from nuances of American puppetry and the skills of Australian Circus performers to large-scale sculptural productions and political dance pieces.

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Asian Theatre Video Collection

Whether you’re studying theatre design and production or contemporary theatre practice, the Asian Theatre Video Collection is a valuable resource. Among its offerings are interviews with leading performers and practitioners, documentaries, rehearsal footage, and training videos.

For students interested in Asia’s rich theatrical traditions, this collection covers everything from Butoh to Bollywood, Bunraku to Topeng. You’ll also find the filmed performance of Manga Ulysses, a selection of interviews, performances and training videos dedicated to Noh theatre and Kabuki drama, and more.

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European Theatre Video Collection

Spanning theatrical traditions across Belgium, Serbia and Germany, the European Theatre Video Collection is a rich tapestry of resources. You’ll find rare filmed recordings, archival footage, critical commentaries and more exploring avant-garde groups such as France’s Théâtre du Mouvement, Denmark’s Odin Teatret, and Serbia’s JEL Theatre.

The collection includes a two-part mime demonstration from the great Ivan Bacciocchi, a brilliant selection of avant-garde street and dance performances by Odin Teatret, an examination of the Belgian experimental troupe Theatre Laboratoire Vicinal, and more.

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