Which databases from Infobase’s Facts on Files support History?

Infobase’s Facts on File offers schools six databases that support the teaching and learning of History in schools. What’s more, all History resources from Infobase are fully cross-searchable.

Ancient & Medieval History

Go beyond traditional textbooks with this dynamic platform, covering world history from prehistory through to the mid 16th century.  Bring each era to life with access to a range of content including videos, primary sources, suggested reading, maps, and graphs, while also honing study skills with research tips, writing guides and overview essays. Eras and civilisations explored include: Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Americas, and many more.

Modern World History

Journey through the last 500 years with the critically-acclaimed Modern World History database. Give students the power to become informed global citizens with a comparative view of the people, places, events that have defined history, with 1000s of entries, images, videos, slides, primary sources and more. Easily navigate the platform or hone in on key moments with curated Topic Centers featuring pre-selected entries, search terms, and maps for focused research.

American History

Get immersed in the complex and rich tapestry that is the history of the United States. By pairing award-winning content with a user-friendly interface, this resource makes exploring American history accessible, engaging, and insightful. Despite being packed with content like subject entries, biographies, primary sources, timelines and multimedia, users can efficiently find what they need with easy video and slide overviews, or begin their research with curated Topic Centers.

African-American History

Explore over 500 years of African-American history, experiences, and cultural contributions. Easily begin your research with introductory video and slideshow overviews, or opt to focus in greater detail with expertly-curated Topic Centers. Develop critical analysis through primary and secondary sources, including like speeches and book chapters, alongside detailed accounts of key figures and events. Plus, use the comprehensive contextual timelines on the platform to help you see the full historical picture.

American Indian History

Get instant access to over 15,000 years of culture and history through a wide range of multimedia sources, such as videos, images, biographies, timelines, and more. Broaden your understanding with coverage of 600+ Native American tribes, including a full Tribe Index of 200+ tribal groups. While slideshows and introductory videos help to introduce or recap topics, specialist book chapters, articles and primary source documents aid in detailed in-depth study, critical thinking and analysis.

Issues & Controversies in History

Involve your students in some of the most prominent debates across history, exploring issues through the lenses of both key players and the historians who have interpreted them. It is ideal for helping students develop their research, prepare for debates and answer graded questions centred on document work. Covering the entirety of world history, in-depth articles by experts offer balanced pro-and-con viewpoints grounded in primary sources. Plus, “what-if” scenarios challenge you to imagine alternate historical realities.