Access to 60 filmed performances in the National Theatre Collections 1, 2 & 3 is available free to UK state-funded schools and Further Education Colleges by completing the registration form below.

Primary Schools will be given access to a smaller collection of performances selected by the National Theatre as being the most suitable for Early Years through to Key Stage 2. Details of the National Theatre Collection for Primary Schools is available here.

Only one registration per institution is required. Please check with your school librarian or relevant departmental head before you register.

First, please read, download and print for future reference the National Theatre Collection Licence/Terms of Use. To view the National Theatre privacy policy please click here.

Once your registration has been verified, we will send you a username and password that you are free to share with the relevant students and staff. The details should NOT however be shared with anyone outside of your institution or posted on social media.

To complete your application you will need to provide…

  • Schools in England and Wales must also provide their 6-digit URN number, a full register of URN numbers can be found here.
  • Schools in Scotland must provide their 7-digit SEED Number. SEED numbers can be found here.
  • Schools in Northern Ireland must provide their IRN number, IRN numbers can be found here.
  • FE Colleges do not have any of these numbers and should complete the relevant question on the form by entering N/A.

Any questions? Please view our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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