Spring 2017 Newsletter for Further Education Colleges

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Welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of the JCS Newsletter for Further Education Colleges!

In a time when so many Colleges are suffering serious budget cuts, arguing the case for any new resources to support teaching and learning is a challenge. But there are strong arguments for using the limited budgets on e-resources – especially in this digital age – so in this newsletter we introduce our latest blog focussing on this important subject.

We are also delighted to launch two products newly available for Colleges via JCS – Drama Online and Bloomsbury Fashion Central. This is a total of 10 collections across the two platforms, providing a wealth of content for tutors and students of fashion, art, humanities, social sciences, drama and theatre studies.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re here to help.

Product launch

Drama Online

Newly available to FE Colleges through JCS, the Drama Online platform provides a selection of seven outstanding collections consisting of playtexts, contextual and critical background, production photographs, high quality stage recordings, audio theatre recordings and filmed play adaptions – all available as stand-alone subscriptions.
Playtext Collection: offers over 1,370 plays, scholarly works and practical guides from renowned publishers such as Faber and Faber, Arden Shakespeare and Methuen Drama.

Nick Hern Books Collection: an impressive collection of over 400 titles from specialist theatre publisher Nick Hern Books.
Hollow Crown Series 1 and 2 Collection: filmed adaptations of Shakespeare's History Plays.
BBC Drama Films and Documentaries Collection: 36 film adaptations of classic and contemporary plays.
Shakespeare's Globe on Screen Video Collection: an expanding range of high definition videos of live stage performances.
Shakespeare/Early Modern Drama Video Collection: productions, interviews, masterclasses and more.
L.A. Theatre Works Collection: the largest audio theatre collection in the world. 

Learn more here and take a free 30-day trial here to see for yourself how beneficial Drama Online will be for your students. Please don't forget to send your drama department the link to this newsletter so they too can learn about Drama Online! 

Bloomsbury Fashion Central

New to JCS, Bloomsbury Fashion Central delivers instant access to scholarly research, iconic images, and quality textbooks in fashion and textiles.
Comprising three individual collections Berg Fashion Library, Fairchild Books Library and Fashion Photography Archive, they provide invaluable and comprehensive resources for every student and teacher in the visual arts, humanities and social sciences.
Berg Fashion Library: a wide range of text and images from across cultures and throughout history.
Fairchild Books Library: the world's largest digital collection of fashion textbooks.
Fashion Photography Archive: hundreds of thousands of images from runway and backstage to street-style fashion, that have never before been published online.

Take a video tour of each collection here and learn about their excellent features. You can also learn more on our website here and take a free, no obligation, trial to each collection here. Please do forward our newsletter on to your arts and fashion departments.

Product news


New English Language podcasts

Great news, English Language podcasts have been published in Audiopi. 20 podcasts will take your students through all they need to know with regards to the GCSE English Language course, from the basics of grammar and punctuation to more complex sentence structures, creative writing and techniques for approaching each exam element.

To keep students on their toes, each podcast starts with a spelling test, some spellings are easy but some are a bit more challenging!

Request a free trial to listen to not only the English Language course but also History, Physics, Biology and English Literature podcasts.

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Introducing the JSTOR Text Analyzer

A fantastic tool from JSTOR (still in beta) the JSTOR Text Analyzer allows students to upload documents, the tool then analyses the document text, identifies topics, and generates recommendations from their archives.

The tool also produces a list of topics that JSTOR has found in the uploaded document, students can select topics they want to explore and rank their importance, this informs JSTOR's journal article recommendations to ensure relevant articles are chosen. 

You can see a short video demonstrating the uses and functions of JSTOR Text Analyzer on YouTube here

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Since MASSOLIT became available through JCS we have seen a big uptake of the video lecture resource in the further education sector. This is great news as it means more students and teachers are able to make use of top academics' lectures, preparing students for higher education, helping them revise for exams and allowing them to explore topics further than before

Did you know? MASSOLIT lectures can be accessed across all devices and set-ups, including tablets and smart phones. There’s no limit on the number of staff and students who can access lectures at the same time, both onsite or remotely.

Request a free 30-day trial here

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JCS Blog

How can e-resources help limited budgets go further?

The 2016 UK School Library survey conducted by Softlink on behalf of the school library sector looked at key trends and issues impacting school libraries.

The main findings from the survey concluded:

“Budgets, support from management, and physical space are significant challenges for many school libraries across the UK. These challenges align with the top priorities for school libraries, raising the profile of their school library, increasing engagement, looking at implementing eBooks and use of online resources.“

Similarly, the FE Sector is also under increased pressure to meet student expectations of learning support against a backdrop of area reviews, mergers, changing curricular focus and budget cuts.

Many of the librarians and teachers we talk to on a daily basis tell us about the budget cuts you are facing and the limited budgets you have to work within. The 2016 UK School Library survey found that library budgets at 58% of the respondent’s schools did not increase from the previous year and more worryingly, 33% of schools indicated their library budget decreased.

So with limited budgets why would libraries invest in e-resources? Find out in our blog.

JCS news

Welcome to our new staff members

Gerda Taylor, our new Finance Manager

Gerda joined the JCS Team in January: "I am very excited to have joined the JCS Online Resources team and look forward to many happy years as the Finance Manager.

My husband and I immigrated from sunny South Africa in the summer of 2015 and I started work at a mobile phone and smart device accessory distributor soon after that. I spent an unforgettable three years in the capital city of Mozambique, Maputo prior to the relocation and even opened my own wedding cake business in the jovial city.

I have not lost my love for baking and still spend hours trying new recipes. There are few things I enjoy more than discovering Britain and you will therefore not find me home most weekends. In 2017 I plan to tick one more thing off my bucket list – visiting Puffin Island to see the exquisite birds."

Jessica O'Shea, our new Sales and Marketing Assistant

Jess joined the JCS Team in March: "I’m thrilled to be the new Marketing and Sales Assistant at JCS Online Resources and join such a lovely and dynamic team.

I started my career in the Marketing and Sales sector at the age of 19 working as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at a busy E-commerce business based in Oxford. After getting my NVQ in Digital Marketing, I worked for a small publishing business who specialised in bilingual children’s books.

I have an interest in ensuring that children are all given a fair and high-quality education no matter their location or living situation. In my spare time, I like to keep active by attending music events, going to the gym and skating. I like to keep mentally stimulated and creative by reading books, developing my photography, videography, and graphic design skills.

My goals of 2017 are to build great relationships with all of you and to finally learn how to ride a bike!”

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Any questions?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Amy or to call her on 01865 987211.

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And finally...please share the news!

It would be great if you could spread the word to teaching staff at your college about the great e-resources featured in this newsletter, and the full range here!

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