Including over 900 unique and inspiring titles, the Oberon Books Collection features a diverse group of canonical and contemporary drama. Not only does the collection include ground-breaking British plays, but also the best of international drama and plays in translation, keeping your students engaged in their studies.

Oberon Books has long been recognised as one of the most exciting publishers specialising in drama and the performing arts, with a reputation for publishing challenging and compelling works. So, this means you can ensure your learners are reading trusted plays that offer a diverse world viewpoint.

As with all Drama Online collections, these playscripts are available online on the Drama Online platform. You can easily search the text for a specific term, enabling quick access to specific moments in the plays.

This collection includes Oberon Books Collection 1 and 2.

Oberon Books Collection 1

This inspiring collection contains over 500 titles. Featuring contemporary authors, canonical works and modern classics, alongside international plays in translation, this collection provides a well-rounded experience for students. It also includes verbatim theatre from acclaimed companies shining a light on pressing social issues, such as Breach Theatre’s It’s True, It’s True, It’s True and LUNG Theatre’s Trojan Horse.

Oberon Books Collection 2

Highlighting renowned playwrights such as Howard Barker, Alfred Fagon, and Karen Zacarias, this collection offers multiple works by authors, allowed students to get an idea of how a body of work can fit together. In addition, it includes a selection of stand-out contemporary plays, including Come on Home by Phillip McMahon, which was nominated for Best New Play for the 2019 Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards.