A digital reference resource which equips students with the skills to reference any source type correctly

Cite them right is a digital reference resource which equips students with the skills to reference any source type correctly and to avoid plagiarism with confidence.

It teaches students how to build and check their references with confidence. And helps them gain a long-term understanding of referencing principles instilling good practice for their entire academic careers.

A tried and tested resource, providing high-quality, accurate reference information.

Teachers can trust Cite them right, just like the printed book on which it is based.


  • 11 section interactive tutorial with four assessments – bite-sized content actively engages students and teaches them the importance of referencing. Assessments provide students with the ability to check their understanding and ensure thorough knowledge of referencing topics.
  • Basics section and FAQs – offer quick and easy access to the most commonly asked questions about referencing, as well as helpful guidance to keep students on the right track.
  • 150+ source types – including books, journals, webpages, moodboards, podcasts, song lyrics, graffiti, Twitter and more.
  • You Try – an interactive feature for building references – enables students to construct references easily and save or place them into their work.
  • Administrators have the ability to generate reports and assess usage – reports are available showing totals, as well as usage of different areas of the site, and performance of students in the referencing tutorial.
  • Comprehensive, accurate coverage of the main referencing systems – provides information and guidance on Harvard, APA, MHRA, MLA, OSCOLA, Vancouver and Chicago referencing styles.

Access options

IP Authentication, Referring URL, Single Sign-on

To find out more about how the different access options work please see our General Access Information.

Usage statistics

Usage statistics are available via the admin section.


We use free citation tools – why do we need Cite them right?

Free citation tools are often geared towards using academic journals. However, students are now using multiple sources across a range of subjects – such as video and online articles – which require specific referencing. Cite them right provides guidance on a wide range of sources.

Which referencing styles are covered in Cite them right?

Cite them right contains information on referencing all of its sources in Harvard (author-date). However, there is also information about referencing in American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) Modern Languages Association (MLA) Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA), Vancouver, and Chicago referencing systems.

Can Cite them right be accessed on a mobile device?

Yes. The site can be accessed from across a range of mobile devices, notably iPad, iPhone and Android phones.

Does Cite them right allow me to change my browser settings?

The resource has been designed to allow personalisation of font sizes, colours and background colour changes via your browser preferences.

How can I increase or decrease the font size on the resource?

The resource allows you to customise the font size to suit your personal preferences. You will not be able to increase the font indefinitely as some larger font sizes will cause overplotting in some of the page elements. If you need a larger font size than is available, you could try using the zoom controls within your browser.

Can I use a screen reader with the resource?

Yes, content is accessible using a screen reader. Jump links have been included on the resource so you can skip common navigation elements of pages, and access the main content on each page.

Can I use a keyboard to navigate through the resource?

Yes, the resource has been designed to allow navigation with a keyboard as well as with a mouse or touchscreen.