Quality video content ideal for reinforcing previously taught ideas and introducing new topics across the curriculum

Over 25,000 titles, segmented into 231,145 clips, covering 924 subject categories, this specially curated collection provides top-quality video across the entire secondary school curriculum, including life skills and guidance. Ideal for reinforcing previously taught ideas, introducing new topics and encouraging open discussion on key subjects.

From Oscar, Emmy, and Peabody Award-winning documentaries to A-list performances spanning the arts, videos have been individually selected from more than 800 international producers to bring a wide variety of the most relevant videos to suit the unique needs of every subject. More than half of the videos cannot be found with any other academic distributor, thanks to exclusive agreements with hundreds of producers from around the world.

All titles are segmented into short, pedagogical clips, ideal for intermittent use during classroom lessons. Infobase has worked with an advisory board of education professionals to create a subject-matter taxonomy of more than 700 distinct areas of study within 25 subject areas designed to mirror the academic curriculum.

Curriculum Video on Demand is an Infobase database. Other databases include: Ancient and Medieval HistoryModern World History, World Religions, Bloom’s Literature, Science Online.


  • More than 800 international producers including A&E, BBC Learning, ABC News, NBC News, National Geographic, HBO Documentary Films, PBS NewsHour, Open University, Annenberg Learner, TED, VEA, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, and more
  • Teachers can create personalised playlists using premade clips, full videos, or custom segments; save favourites; share playlists for learning outside of the classroom
  • Teachers can add personalised video introduction to any playlist they’ve created, to provide an overview or give context to the videos in the playlist – perfect for distance learning and flipped classrooms!
  • Instructor guides for many titles
  • Google Translate on all descriptions, transcripts, and navigation
  • “Featured This Month” Calendar for meaningful research suggestions and ideas
  • Dynamic citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard formats, with EasyBib, NoodleTools, and RefWorks functionality

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