The 1921 Census Collection is a unique snapshot into 1920s Britain and is now available as an add-on to a Findmypast subscription.

What is the 1921 Census?

Between 2018 and 2022, Findmypast worked in partnership with the National Archives to digitise the 1921 Census for the first time. The Census captures the details of over 38 million people from 8.5 million households and institutions including prisons, military bases, and workhouses, and is exclusively available as an add-on to a Findmypast subscription until the end of 2025.

By adding the 1921 Census to a Findmypast subscription you can provide opportunities to uncover the lives of ancestors,  the history of homes and communities, and a snapshot of life during the 1920s.

How can public libraries access the Census?

The 1921 Census is available as an add-on to a Findmypast subscription – it is not available on its own.  Please contact us or call +44(0) 1865 987211 for a price quote. If your library doesn’t already subscribe to Findmypast we can quote for both.

Explore the British Newspaper Archive, the perfect complement to Findmypast and the 1921 Census for family history researchers, also available through JCS.


  • The 1921 Census Collection offers an unparalleled look at life 100 years ago, detailing the time after WW1, the impact of the Spanish Flu pandemic, economic turmoil, housing crisis, and major social change
  • Captures the details of 38 million individuals from 8.5 million households, providing insights into life in the 1920s
  • Records document everyone from war veterans, widows, orphans, working women, and vagrants, to prominent individuals such as mathematician Alan Turing, Lord of the Rings author  J. R. R. Tolkien, Tale of Peter Rabbit author Beatrix Potter, and more
  • Findmypast’s easy-to-use website allows users to find and view 1921 Census documents with ease

Access options

Access to Findmypast and the 1921 Census is only available via IP Authentication.


Usage statistics

Usage statistics are available, please request them via JCS.

Promotional materials

The 1921 Census is here! – Read this blog from Findmypast introducing the census and the information and insights it brings us.

Let your patrons know about your access to the 1921 Census and Findmypast with these posters.  Download a PDF copy here:

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