An unparalleled window on over 400 years of international history

A unique view into 400+ years of history

Gale Historical Newspapers offers cross-searchable access to more than 16.7 million pages of content and over 97 million articles.  

Offering a wealth of invaluable primary source content to support teaching and learning across the curriculum, the collections offer a unique opportunity to experience key events as they happened. Being able to cross-search multiple publications simultaneously also enables coverage to be compared, and different viewpoints explored.

Schools can choose to subscribe to any 12 of a broad and expanding range of archive collections. Find out more about the collections here.


  • Including British newspapers, British periodicals, and US newspapers and periodicals.
  • Subject indexing to enhance content discovery across collections.
  • “Term frequency” tool allows users to see the frequency of their search term over time.
  • “Term clusters” tool allows users to see topics commonly associated with their search term.

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