Promoting understanding of current world issues, conflicts and events from a global perspective

Gain global perspectives on diverse issues

Global Issues In Context is a multidisciplinary resource that helps students understand current world issues, conflicts and events from a global perspective.

It offers access to a wealth of resources including more than 80 high quality reference works, over 570 newspapers and magazines, and specially prepared overview articles about countries and issues. New landing pages are added each month, as well as daily updates to existing material.

Plus support for teachers including teaching resources and research tools, and readspeaker text-to-speech technology to support differentiated learning.

Four Gale in Context databases (Global Issues in Context, Science in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, World History in Context) are available to schools in the UK through JCS. Each is available separately but discounts are available to schools that subscribe to two databases (10%) and all four databases (15%).


  • Overview articles for each country and issue
  • Perspectives – editorials, news reports, features and analyses collected from media sources across the globe offer local views and interpretations of issues and events
  • More than 570 newspapers, magazines and academic journals
  • Over 110,000 images, more than 11,000 videos, nearly 180,000 podcasts, 1,250 interactive maps and links to over 3,500 websites
  • Every piece of text can be downloaded as an MP3 file
  • Reference content – 100 proprietary Gale, Macmillan, Charles Scribner’s Sons and UXL titles
  • Primary Sources such as personal narratives, interviews and speeches along with original reports and government documents
  • Statistics – graphs, tables and charts

Access options

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Promotional materials and downloads

There is a selection of promotional materials including blog templates, flyers, banners, bookmarks and more available here. Simply type Global Issues in the search bar to find resource specific materials.