High quality information and multi-media content on all aspects of sustainability and the environment

An interdisciplinary resource supporting sustainability and environmental studies

GREENR is an excellent source of high quality information on all aspects of sustainability and the environment – from water conservation and deforestation to climate change and the impact of economic development to food safety and access to health care.

It offers access to the latest news from hundreds of different sources including magazines and journals.

It also provides topic and country portals, primary source documents, statistics, and multimedia materials such as video, podcasts and interactive maps.

GREENR is only available via JCS to British International Schools in Europe.


  • Interactive maps that facilitate browsing by country or topic issues
  • Hundreds of English-language international newspapers, magazines, and refereed journals
  • Videos, podcasts and images, updated daily
  • Searchable and refereed case studies that illustrate environmental efforts in business and municipalities around the world
  • Topic/issue portals in more than 170 categories, from animal welfare to wind energy
  • Organization portals providing overviews of international associations and country portals covering over 160 nations
  • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology to support differentiated learning

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To find out more about how the different access options work please see our General Access Information.

Promotional materials and downloads

Download fact sheets for subjects and tools here (scroll down to additional product information). And keep up to date with developments and new content via the ‘Getting to GREENR blog.

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What content is included?

  • A wide variety of scholarly periodicals containing full-text articles, updated daily
  • Directory entries from the Gale Encyclopedia of Associations series that pertain to organisations involved in or relating to environmental issues and studies, which can include entries from section such as Environmental and Agricultural, Engineering, Technology, Natural Sciences, Public Administration, Public Affairs, Social Welfare, Health, and the like.
  • Relevant reviews of books, audiobooks, eBooks, audiovisual materials, movies and the like as published in academic journals, magazines, news sources, and podcasts.
  • Relevant case studies as published in academic journals, magazines, news sources, podcasts, regerence works, and textbooks
  • Conference news and notes as published in academic journals, magazines, news sources, and podcasts
  • Photographs, maps, charts, and other types of images
  • A wide variety of general interest periodicals that contain full-text articles, updated daily
  • Articles from hundreds of international newspapers and newswires, updated daily
  • Podcasts feeds, such as audio files of radio broadcasts
  • Primary sources including first-hand accounts, transcripts of interviews, legislative acts, resolutions, speeches, testimonials, treaties, and more
  • Numerical data, presented in a tabular, interactive, or other visual format
  • Full-text essays from reference works by Gale and other publishers that provide background information on relevant topics, issues, organisations, and countries.
  • Video clips

How often is GREENR updated?

GREENR is updated on a daily basis.

What is a portal page?

A portal page organises the wide variety of current, relevatn, and media-rich informaiton sources found in this resource about an issue, organisation, or a country. Portals are ideal for beginning your research, as well as for in-depth analysis.

Each portal provides an overview essay, along with case studies, academic journal articles, and statistics. The overviews are periodically re-written or updates, to reflect ongoing events and developments.

Can I print documents?

Yes you can print documents and citations using the print tool on the toolbar.

Can I cite articles?

Yes, you can get formatted bibliographic citations for a single document from document page, or for multiple documetns for your marked list. You can download the formatted citations as an HTML file, or export the citations for use with a third-party citation management application.