Online access to 7 years of Hindsight and Worldwide magazines for History and Geography at GCSE level and beyond

The Hodder Education GCSE Magazines Archive includes access to 7 years’ worth of articles from Hindsight and Wideworld magazines.

With topical articles to build subject knowledge, plus an emphasis on helping students to develop research skills, the magazines are designed to ensure success at GCSE and beyond.

Wideworld Magazine delivers up-to-date case studies and topical coverage to GCSE students. Articles written by geography experts go beyond the textbook, developing subject knowledge alongside the skills to analyse and evaluate information.

Hindsight Magazine delivers new historical analysis and expertise to GCSE students. Its topical articles develop subject knowledge alongside the skills of analysis and evaluation.

Unlimited simultaneous user access to both magazine archives costs just £80+VAT per annum (regardless of school size).


  • Access the Archive anytime, anywhere, encouraging independent study and research
  • Provide easy access to all students, or create individual student accounts to allocate articles and track usage
  • Create lessons or provide quick links to articles for students to use with extension activities and research projects
  • Integrate magazine articles with other Dynamic Learning resources to create outstanding lessons and homework activities
  • The Archive is updated annually each summer

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