History Research Databases from Infobase covering Ancient & Medieval History, Modern World History, and Issues & Controversies in History. 

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Infobase’s acclaimed history databases are designed to assist teaching staff and students with their research needs.

There are three historical databases available to UK secondary schools through JCS, each available on a standalone basis as a separate subscription. Each database features editorially curated topic centers —including articles, shareable slideshows, videos, primary sources and much more—on different eras and themes of history to help users find a starting point for their research.

Discounts available: 

Subscribing to multiple Infobase Databases at the same time (not including e-books or video streaming collections). See all other databases here.


  • Ancient & Medieval History: An extensive exploration of world history from prehistory through the mid-1500s
  • Modern World History: Covers the broad expanse of world history from the mid-15th century to the present
  • Issues & Controversies in History: Covers some of the great debates and conflicts in world history, exploring the issues as the key players saw them, or, in some cases, as historians have interpreted them.