Short curriculum-relevant video lectures developed and delivered by top university academics

MASSOLIT offers over 3000 short curriculum-relevant video lectures across the following subject collections: Classics, English Literature, History, Philosophy, Government and Politics (NEW), and Psychology (NEW).

With an average duration of 8-12 minutes each, lectures are designed and delivered by senior academics from top universities (including Oxford and Cambridge).

Lectures stimulate discussion and debate in the classroom, and are also ideal for homework and preparing students for university work.

Case study: How Brighton, Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College uses MASSOLIT

Case study: An interview with Julie Richardson, Vice Principal, Draper’s Academy



“MASSOLIT has proved a phenomenal resource for us as a faculty – students and staff: it’s the best thing I have bought for the faculty by far. We use it in a range of ways – in lessons, as set homework with questions and for extension work for those students who want to go and learn more (and you can be sure they are learning from quality resources). It is also perfect CPD. It’s been great for members of staff to be able to focus or extend their own learning in a way that’s manageable in order to go on and teach. We love it.” Lydnsey Caldwell, Head of English, Cherwell School

“We are a VI Form College that teaches A level ‘Massolit’ subjects.  Lecturers use the videos to aid explanation and promote discussion in the classroom. They also set them as homework and students are finding the videos particularly useful for their ‘A’ Level History project on the French Revolution and as a research source for their Extended Project Qualifications.” Pauline Byrnand, Librarian, St Dominic’s Sixth Form College

“Various teachers in our Classics, History and English departments use MASSOLIT regularly and rate it highly. Some even feel it has become essential to their teaching. All of them have found the additional availability of the philosophy module really handy as it feeds heavily into their own subjects. So we’ll most definitely continue using it for the foreseeable future.” Annabelle Phoenix, Teacher, Norwich high School

“The MASSOLIT lectures interrogate and distil significant ideas superbly.  We use them in Sixth Form and Year 11 lessons to develop understanding and inspire critical debate about texts. Our students also value them as nifty revision resources.” Nicholas Hopton, English Teacher, Bedford School

“Massolit is extremely useful both for classwork and homework and for general research for students and teachers.  It is very user friendly- with short lectures which gradually develop the topic – and pitched at exactly the right level for students. I strongly recommend we sustain access to it – as I suspect it will become even more comprehensive in its coverage of subjects. MASSOLIT is a tremendous learning tool. The lectures are delivered by world class academics who clearly have in mind a sixth form audience, so the students are gradually introduced to complex thoughts without feeling lost or overwhelmed. It can be used for stimulus question, revision tasks, extensions. Students find it incredibly useful and engaging. The Classics collection, in particular, is extremely rich and varied. It has definitely become a key teaching resource. Excellent teaching – learning tool. Students like it. Lectures offer them concise and profound insight into the module and provoke their curiosity to think beyond the module. Experience to be taught by all top scholars is tremendous.” Laura Moss, Library and Digital Resources Manager, Hills Road Sixth Form, Cambridge

“We have used Massolit widely for the new A Level Classical Civilisation course and with its emphasis on wider reading and scholarly opinion this resource is invaluable, both as a means of independent study and for discussion in class. The videos introduce students to key questions in short, manageable lectures but deal with complex issues delivered by an impressive range of academics from several universities.” Gwenda Manners, Senior School Librarian, The Royal High School Bath

“I am the Head of Classics at Guildford High School and we use MASSOLIT, particularly for the teaching of A Level Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation. The concise nature of the videos, combined with their organisation into particular themes or topics is especially appealing. We use them in our lessons when we introduce our students to new set texts or new ideas. For example, I used some of the Ancient Sparta videos when introducing my Year 11 Greek class to Plutarch, my first homework assignment for the Lower Sixth Latinists was to watch some of the lectures on the ‘Pro Milone’ and similarly, I asked the Upper Sixth Greeks students to watch the ‘Antigone’ lectures in preparation for their study of this tragedy. I encourage the members of my department to watch certain videos as they prepare to teach new modules. The best use that we make of MASSOLIT is in the second half of the summer term when our Lower Sixth students embark upon a programme of wider reading and research. These videos give them a taste of a new topic, helping them to decide whether or not they would like to know more. MASSOLIT is expensive but I do think that it is worth it.” Andrew James, Head of Classics, Guildford High School

“The MASSOLIT Literature subscription has been brilliant for our college. It has been a really good investment. We have used the lectures to enhance lessons and prompt discussions but, most importantly, it has revolutionised our independent learning programme. Students are loving the lectures and have used them to support and extend their understanding of set texts, gaining valuable contextual information and critical interpretations. It has also supported us in allowing students to choose from a wide range of texts for their coursework. We feel very strongly  that the lectures are helping to foster the approach to learning needed for high results at A level as well as preparing students for university study. Thanks MASSOLIT.” Ceri Boyle, Head of School: Language, Literature and Culture, New Collaborative Trust-Pontefract

“MASSOLIT is a really helpful resource giving both teachers and students access to detailed lectures on topics that are directly relevant to their subjects.” Head of Classics, Uppingham School

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What subjects are covered by MASSOLIT?

There are four MASSOLIT collections (available individually), these include: English Literature, Philosophy, History, and Classics.

Are collections available individually?

Each subject collection (Classics, English Literature, History, and Philosophy) is available as a separate 12-month subscription, but you can choose to subscribe to two or four collections at a discounted rate.

Are there discounts available for subscribing to more than one collection?

Yes, discounts are available if you choose to subscribe to two or four collections. 

Where can I find a list of lecturers?

You can find a list of lecturers here.

How often is MASSOLIT updated?

MASSOLIT is updated with new video lectures on a monthly basis.

How long is an average lecture?

Most lectures are between 8-12 minutes in length.

Are lectures coded to the school curriculum?

Mostly, yes. In some cases, subjects may be more wide-ranging than a single specification option and/or designed for extension and enrichment.

Preparing students to go beyond their school exams and to think about what life be like at university is an important part of what MASSOLIT is doing.

How are topics for lectures chosen?

In some cases, institutions get in touch to ask for certain subjects, which MASSOLIT is more than happy to do. (So if you would like MASSOLIT to cover something, get in touch!)

In most cases, however, it’s a combination of looking at the specification to see what needs to be covered, speaking to the contributor to get their opinion on what would be the most useful topics to cover, and thinking about what would work best in the video format.

Where can I find a list of recently added lectures?

Check out the list of courses, which lists all our courses in date order.

If my institution subscribes, do we automatically get access to new lectures?

Yes. If you subscribed today, you’d not only get access to the 2703 lectures that are on the site right now, but everything else that is added over the next 12 months.

Can lectures be downloaded for offline viewing?

No, although this is something that MASSOLIT is thinking about doing in the future.

Can staff and students watch lectures at home?

Yes. Once your institution has signed up, all staff members and students will have their own username and password, which means they can watch lectures whenever and wherever they like.

Is there a limit on the number of students and teachers who can log in to watch a lecture at the same time?

There is no limit. Everyone in the institution could watch the same lecture at the same time if they liked.