Short curriculum-relevant video lectures developed and delivered by top university academics

MASSOLIT offers over 2703 short curriculum-relevant video lectures across the following subject collections: Classics, English Literature, History, and Philosophy.

With an average duration of 8-12 minutes each, lectures are designed and delivered by senior academics from top universities (including Oxford and Cambridge).

Lectures stimulate discussion and debate in the classroom, and are also ideal for homework and preparing students for university work.


  • 1212 lectures across 151 courses in English Literature
  • 561 lectures across 84 courses in Classics and Ancient History
  • 294 lectures across 41 courses in Philosophy
  • 636 lectures across 101 courses in History

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What subjects are covered by MASSOLIT?

There are four MASSOLIT collections (available individually), these include: English Literature, Philosophy, History, and Classics.

Are collections available individually?

Each subject collection (Classics, English Literature, History, and Philosophy) is available as a separate 12-month subscription, but you can choose to subscribe to two or four collections at a discounted rate.

Are there discounts available for subscribing to more than one collection?

Yes, discounts are available if you choose to subscribe to two or four collections. 

Where can I find a list of lecturers?

You can find a list of lecturers here.

How often is MASSOLIT updated?

MASSOLIT is updated with new video lectures on a monthly basis.

How long is an average lecture?

Most lectures are between 8-12 minutes in length.

Are lectures coded to the school curriculum?

Mostly, yes. In some cases, subjects may be more wide-ranging than a single specification option and/or designed for extension and enrichment.

Preparing students to go beyond their school exams and to think about what life be like at university is an important part of what MASSOLIT is doing.

How are topics for lectures chosen?

In some cases, institutions get in touch to ask for certain subjects, which MASSOLIT is more than happy to do. (So if you would like MASSOLIT to cover something, get in touch!)

In most cases, however, it’s a combination of looking at the specification to see what needs to be covered, speaking to the contributor to get their opinion on what would be the most useful topics to cover, and thinking about what would work best in the video format.

Where can I find a list of recently added lectures?

Check out the list of courses, which lists all our courses in date order.

If my institution subscribes, do we automatically get access to new lectures?

Yes. If you subscribed today, you’d not only get access to the 2703 lectures that are on the site right now, but everything else that is added over the next 12 months.

Can lectures be downloaded for offline viewing?

No, although this is something that MASSOLIT is thinking about doing in the future.

Can staff and students watch lectures at home?

Yes. Once your institution has signed up, all staff members and students will have their own username and password, which means they can watch lectures whenever and wherever they like.

Is there a limit on the number of students and teachers who can log in to watch a lecture at the same time?

There is no limit. Everyone in the institution could watch the same lecture at the same time if they liked.