Differing perspectives on topical issues to develop your students’ information literacy and critical thinking skills

Explore both sides of an issue

This multidisciplinary resource offers informed, differing views helping students develop critical-thinking and information literacy skills, and to draw their own informed conclusions.

Exclusive Viewpoint pages bring balance and perspective to every controversy using targeted arguments from recognised subject-matter experts and respected journalistic sources, combined with reference articles, interactive maps, and infographics. Some notable titles include The New York TimesNewsweekForeign Policy, and Commentary.

Five Gale in Context databases (Global Issues, Science, Opposing Viewpoints, World History, and Environmental Studies) are available to schools in the UK through JCS. Discounts are available when subscribing to multiple databases. 


  • 19,000+ pro/con viewpoints from a range of high quality sources
  • 13,000+ topic overviews
  • 1,000+ court case overviews
  • Videos, podcasts and streaming audio
  • Easy-to-search image galleries
  • News sources from around the world
  • Full-text articles from authoritative sources
  • Interactive maps, and more than 12,500 charts, graphs and statistical information


“Gale in Context has really widened the pupils’ perspectives of the quality and variety of the information that is available to them to support their studies. They appreciate how easy it is to find relevant information and that there are full citation details attached to each article to aid them with their referencing. Gale in Context has proved invaluable to our IB students. They particularly like Opposing Viewpoints as it offers a wide variety of debates and issues drawing on sources that they had not previously considered. Using Gale in Context has been a valuable tool in the process of preparing sixth form pupils for their studies at university.” Miss C Bratt MCLIP, Librarian, Redmaids’ High School

“Opposing Viewpoints in Context has short easy articles that are easier to read compared to articles in other databases. It can also be a source of inspiration as it presents recent controversial issues. The maps and lesson plans are particularly useful. It contains a satisfying number of different kinds of sources e.g. reference, news articles, journal articles etc. so a student can see different types of sources in terms of content on a single page without having to use a lot of databases. It is a good starting point for debatable topics and for beginners who are taking their first steps in research.” American College of Greece 

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