An unbiased, comprehensive guide to the world’s major religions and spiritual traditions

World Religions explores religion and spirituality in an objective manner, from the ceremonies of the first practitioners to the elaborate rituals of today.

Ideal for research and study in the library, the classroom, or at home, the easy-to-navigate interface puts the information users need front and center. It includes a treasure trove of articles, tablet/mobile-friendly videos, and images on the beliefs, practices, and history of religions across the world, allowing students to delve deep into their topics.

Topic Centers feature specially selected content on 15 of the world’s religions and traditional spiritual practices, quickly guiding users to information on important topics, spiritual leaders, sacred texts, and holy days and festivals.

World Religions is an Infobase Database, discounts are available when subscribing to any two or any three databases at the same time (not including Curriculum Video on Demand). Other databases include: Ancient and Medieval HistoryModern World History, Bloom’s Literature, Science Online. See list of databases here.


  • ‘Religion in the news’ section features regularly updated news articles from World-Wide Religious News®
  • Video clips and image slideshows
  • Hundreds of historical documents with introductory paragraphs providing context and background to the sources
  • 100 complete sacred texts (from the eBook shelf) from the world’s major religions
  • Audio and video clips of sacred music, allowing users to explore a key part of many religious observances
  • A calendar of holidays and observances from around the world and across faiths
  • Book chapters from authoritative print titles
  • Authoritative source list of the expertly researched and written content in the database
  • Curriculum tools featuring writing and research tips for students and teaching staff

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