There are several different access options to choose from when subscribing to an online resource (listed below), and your options will vary from resource to resource.

You can see the access options for each individual resource here.

IP Authentication

Users are logged in to the resource automatically when accessing from within the institution. Please provide the institution’s external IP address or range(s). The IP addresses you supply must be registered to and for the exclusive use of your school. Your I.T department will know these.

Username & Password

Typically, this is a generic login which all students and staff can use to access the resource concurrently both at school and at home.

Single Sign-on

Google/Microsoft ADFS/Azure

Single Sign On (SSO) through one of the methods above allows students and staff to log in using their institutional email addresses as provisioned by Microsoft or Google. In order to set this up you will need to supply us with your institution’s SSO domain. Domains must be unique to your institution. Only one SSO provider, Google or Microsoft, may be used by an institution at any given time.

Google Workspace/Classroom

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Google Classroom can be used to authenticate access to digital resources. If your library or educational institution uses Google Workspace or Classroom, users can use their Google credentials to access compliant resources, simplifying access and maintaining a familiar login experience.


OpenAthens is an advanced access management system that uses the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) protocol for single sign-on (SSO). Institutions can utilise OpenAthens to allow patrons to access applicable digital resources with their own institution credentials.

Referring URL

Users are logged in to the resource automatically when accessing the resource through the institution’s Intranet site/virtual learning platform. Please provide the exact URL(s) of the relevant page(s) on the Intranet site where you’d be placing a link to the resource.

For further help…

If you’re not sure which access option best suits your school, or need more help understanding your options,  please contact the JCS support desk for help on or call (+44) 01865 987211.