JCS uses a standard licence for the basis of all its publisher agreements to include all of the terms and conditions that educational institutions and their users need in order for them to maximize the benefits of the online resources they subscribe to.

The licence contains all the terms and conditions of use associated with each online resource. It details what can and can’t be done, by whom, for how long and what happens if there are any problems.

The licence is an important document and should be read carefully before signing.

Summary of key terms and conditions

Use of the Resource (Section 3 of the Licence)

  • The resource can be used in lessons and for independent learning
  • It can be used on interactive whiteboards and within learning platforms
  • Excerpts can be printed and/or saved electronically
  • Excerpts can be incorporated into teaching materials and student projects, providing appropriate acknowledgement is made for each item
  • An unlimited number of staff and students an access resources concurrently (subject to product and subscription options

Restrictions (Section 4)

The ‘Licensee’ (which can be the school, college, public library, school district etc) and any of its users must not:

  • Sell or resell the resources or any of its elements
  • Alter, adapt or modify the resource
  • Make the resource (or any of its elements) available on the open web
  • Use the resource for commercial use

Responsibilities of the licensee (Section 5)

  • Make sure only authorised users (eg students, teachers, library patrons) are issued with the access information
  • Use all reasonable effort to ensure the authorised users are aware of the terms and conditions of the Licence
  • Inform the Publisher via JCS of any changes to access arrangements eg change of IP address

Responsibilities of the publisher (Section 6)

  • The publisher will make sure the subscribing institution has access 24 hours 7 days a week except when they need to do routine maintenance and will make all efforts to restore access as soon as possible
  • The publisher will provide a choice of access options which, subject to restrictions at the individual institution, will enable access in school and from home
  • The publisher guarantees that the content of the online resource is copyright cleared for educational use
  • Endeavour to make the resources as accessible as possible and comply with W3C standards
  • Provide usage statistics free of charge to subscribing institutions/organisations (subject to product)

Term and termination of the licence (Section 9)

  • The term of the Licence commences from the start date of the subscription and remains in full force until cancelled by the Licensee giving JCS (as the publisher’s agent) 2 months’ notice before the annual renewal date
  • The publisher can terminate the Agreement with 2 months’ written notice to the Licensee