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The Theatre Performance and Practice Video Library is a collection of 7 educational films from Pumpkin Interactive, the UK’s leading producer of high-quality video content for schools, colleges and universities.

Theatre Performance and Practice Video Library

The collection offers students the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of theatre creation from inception to performance. The areas covered by the collection include physical theatre, devising, ensemble, comedy and the ideas of iconic practitioners Artaud and Grotowski.

The collection offers:

  • Interviews, rehearsal footage, demonstrations, and exercises you can adapt to your rehearsal space
  • Career advice from practitioners and academics, plus mock auditions and student accounts
  • Unprecedented access to influential theatre companies from the UK, the US, and Japan
  • Documentary material on major historic theatre practitioners such as Artaud and Grotowski

If you are interested in finding out more about the Theatre Performance and Practice Video Library, you can download the title list and request a free 14-day trial.

Download the title list


Please note ahead of sharing this collection with any students that there is some swearing and nudity in the video of Artaud’s The Ugly Duckling.